Name: Emma Henry
Star-sign: Aries
Born: Northern Ireland
Married: Columba Henry
Career: Rainbow Kinesiologist
Fun Fact: Keeper of Bees


  • Bachelor of Science Hons Psychology
  • Master of Science Hons Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Instructor
  • Certified Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator
  • Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology
  • Transformational Kinesiology Optimal Integration Foundation
  • Aura-Soma Essentials

And this is my story…

Growing up I never felt like I fitted in. What I mean by that is that I wasn’t quite sure what it was or who I was meant to be. I had an awareness that I viewed the world differently from those around me and always knew there was an energy within me that wanted more and that wasn’t going to settle for what society demanded was the ‘proper way of doing things’.

By my mid-twenties I had earned myself a BSc and Msc Hons in Psychology, was working full-time and on the face of it ‘all was good’ but deep within I knew something was missing and that there had to be more to life.

At this time, I was suffering from digestive issues and decided to visit a Kinesiologist. I was blown away by the wisdom this therapy could reveal about the body. I decided I wanted to study Kinesiology and so my journey began.

I qualified in Kinesiology and was ready to open my own business when I encountered an old familiar energy – my deepest fears, doubts and years of conditioned negative beliefs. I was scared to leave my full-time job, scared of the future and scared of change. My mind was totally convinced that following my souls’ purpose could actually make my life worse, but I had to make a decision or stay stuck in a safe and unsatisfying life.

I knew I had to go all in. It was all or nothing. So, I jumped. I took the leap of faith and became my own boss running my Kinesiology business in 2015.

I had to summon all of my courage and step onto the road less travelled, the road of the unknown. There were many challenges that took me to places and parts of myself that I never knew existed, but these challenges, once conquered, made me feel empowered and connected to who I really am and what I am here to do.

And what an amazing and exciting journey it has been. I work within the Rainbow Lighthouse energy and have birthed my own unique style of Kinesiology, aptly named  ‘Universal Kinesiology’.

Mission and Purpose

Connect you to your authentic self
My mission is to awaken women to take courageous action by delving into the emotions hidden underneath the emotions. To get to the bottom of their conditioned and negative patterns. To take the foot off the brake and weed out, strip back and dig into all the layers of the shadow within to shine the light upon it, bringing it to a state of consciousness. This is where the profound shifts occur

Work with women who are ready to take charge and fight for the truth of themselves
My vision is to guide and support women to push through the boundaries they or others have created for them. To give them permission to take up their sword, dismantle all they have been taught to think and feel about themselves and transform all that no longer serves them

Honour, nourish and strengthen your physical body
Your physical body is an amazing and wonderful vehicle gifted to you as a means of spreading the light that you are here to bring and share with the world. With all the challenges and life lessons you face it is inevitable that the physical body will manifest symptoms of pain and illness. I endeavour to address any imbalances within the physical body, providing advice on nutritional remedies that will nurture and support you as you move forward on your journey.